Building A Dog Boarding Kennel
If you love dogs and have experience in the pet care industry, you may be thinking of opening your own kennel. Dog boarding kennels can be rewarding, lucrative enterprises that come with all the benefits of owning your own business--plus the fun that comes with being around animals all day. Building a dog boarding kennel is a complex process, but has some informational tools that are designed to get you up and running.

Building a Dog Boarding Kennel
We offer a book titled Building, Buying and Operating a Boarding Kennel that covers all the bases of a kennel operation--from start to finish. The book is written by Jim Krack, CKO, CAE, an experienced kennel owner who is now the Executive Director of The American Boarding Kennel Association. In his book, Jim turns decades of experience into a handy series of tips and pointers that will make the process of starting a kennel as easy as possible.

One of the toughest steps in starting your own kennel is designing your facility. Jim Krack's book tackles this issue in great detail, laying out and explaining many different types of kennel operations and what goes into each. He walks you through each room of a kennel and shows you how to design and build your very own facility. The book even includes photos to help you get a better of idea of how to build your kennel.

Of course, building a facility is only the first step in running a successful kennel business. This is why Jim's book--as well as the series of kennel videos also available on our website--also focus on everyday concerns like bookkeeping, advertising, and finding suppliers. If you're looking information on how to start up a kennel, is a great place to start.

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